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A Toast to your Team: The Power of Regular Office Drinks

In the dynamic world of corporate culture, adapting to the new normal after the COVID-19 pandemic has become pivotal. One innovative solution gaining traction is the revival of monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly office drinks. Beyond the social allure, these gatherings offer significant benefits. Here's how your office can thrive through these events:

Mobile bar setup in an office

1. Networking Opportunities: Encouraging mingling in a relaxed setting fosters organic connections. Regular office drinks create a platform where your employees can engage, exchange ideas, and form valuable relationships, enhancing your company's network and workplace culture.

2. Boosting Morale: A study by Gallup revealed that engaged employees are 21% more productive. Regular office drinks serve as a morale booster, breaking the monotony of the work routine. Recognising achievements and celebrating milestones in a social setting fosters a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment, leading to motivated and happier employees.

3. Valuing Your Workforce: Employees who feel valued are more likely to stay loyal to their company. A simple gesture, like arranging office drinks, communicates appreciation. In fact, research by Glassdoor shows that 53% of employees would stay longer at their jobs if they felt more appreciated. Regular social events affirm their significance, enhancing loyalty and commitment.

4. Easing Post-COVID Resilience: As workplaces reopen, some employees might still harbor concerns or genuine reluctance to coming back into the office. Office drinks, conducted responsibly, provide a gradual return to socialising, boosting confidence and easing anxieties. A Harvard Business Review study noted that well-implemented social activities enhance employees' sense of belonging and mitigate post-pandemic apprehensions.

5. Happiness and Productivity: Happy employees are 12% more productive, according to the University of Warwick. By providing a space for relaxation and enjoyment, office drinks contribute to overall happiness. A content workforce is not only more productive but also contributes positively to the workplace atmosphere, making the office a place employees look forward to returning to.

At Clink & Drink Mobile Bars, we specialise in creating tailored, seamless office drink experiences. Our flexible setups cater to all budgets, offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic menus. Let us transform your workplace into a hub of productivity, positivity, and connection. Get in touch to book your first office drinks event with us today.


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